Saturday, May 18, 2013

Secret to good Appliance Paint Touch up

First, buying epoxy paint in the little bottles is easy ... and color matching is pretty good.  The problem I've always had was applying it without a big "glop" over the chipped area.  My approach is (after you've done your preliminary cleaning and shaking the bottle really well) is to put a large piece of painters tape NEAR the chip ... that's your "paint board".  Using a second brush, smear some lacquer thinner on the paint board, then using the brush that is in your bottle, move a small amount of epoxy paint to the paint board and mix it up ... you want to thin the mixture out a bit.  Then use the thinned paint and apply a thin coat on the chipped area.

Now, shield your paint board (I keep a can of vegetables nearby to set over it) and blow lightly on the chip to dry the epoxy paint (takes about 30 seconds).  Then, go back to your paint board and pick up a little more thin paint and apply a second coat.

Naturally, you might have to repeat the lacquer thinner step a few times if the solution dries out, but applying several thin coats works much better than applying it straight from the bottle.

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