Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gateway GT5628 w/ DG33BU Mobo + Windows 7

Getting Win-7 64 bit to run on this machine was a royal pain.  One good post from where they posted that to get Windows 7 running on the Gateway GT5628.  Problem was this is only a problem with SOME machines ... not mine.  I had already upgraded my machine to all SATA DVD's, a new video card, and a new 1.5 TB C disk (a Western Digital WD15EURS).  I saw where some said you had to re-format the disk, so I tried that and no luck.  I finally decided to switch to a spare 80 GB 10K disk drive (a WD740) and it worked perfectly.  Then, I used Acronis to 'clone' the disk to the 1.5 TB one, and now I'm about 99%.  Can't get my HP 4300 scanner working but that fight continues.

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  1. Well, finally gave up on the 4300 ... just could not find a way to get it working w/ a 64-bit OS, so bought a replacement ... and very happy I did. The LED lights need no warm-up time ... an Epson Perfection V30 4800 dpi 48bit Flatbed Scanner.


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